Here’s how we are different:

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How is Different:

  • 50% more opens in 90 days or 2x your money back. We’ll help your brand go from big to bigger, guaranteed. Plans start at 100k sends/mo.
  • Deliverability is our #1 priority. We have advanced inbox placement reporting and 24/7 access to in-house deliverability experts. Add batching, sunsetting, testing, and list forensic features that no one else has (see below). Ludicrous Speed delivery guarantees up to 250k sends/minute.
  • Get beautiful, graphical reporting on revenue, deliverability, conversions, and engagement. View performance by lead source. Visualize engagement decay. With ActivityStream you’ll never wonder where a specific email went again.
  • 24/7 support. Chat, email, and phone support over SMS. Trust us, the SMS is amazing. We believe all brands will be operating their phones exclusively over text in the near future.
  • Powerful, native, one-click integrations with all your favorite apps, in addition to Zapier and Segment, as well as a full suite of API’s.

Questions? Email us anything at diana [at] lead [dot] com.

Interactive Email

Boost engagement with in-mail video,
functional surveys and NPS reports, and
one-click-to-buy abandon carts.


Take 100% control over your batch
sizing and sunsetting. Turn on Ludicrous
Speed and send up to 250k

Journey Builder

Create complex customer journeys and create or modify messaging on-the-fly.

Enterprise-Grade Segmenting

Trigger highly targeted messages by segmenting with any data field that we store. Integrate with CRM and shopping cart apps for even more power. Built to handle large, complex data sets.

Multi-Channel Messaging

Send the right message to the right place at
the right time. Stay connected to your
customers with email, social, SMS, and web

100s of integrations

We have tons of pre-built integrations, a
robust API, and we’re on Zapier and
Segment. We’ll find a way to get your
data into

24/7 Support

US-based, award winning phone, chat, and email support, with lightning-fast response times. 100s of support videos, 1,000s of blog posts.

Head of Customer Success, finds revenue you never knew existed.

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