Lead.com is a new, enterprise-grade ESP and marketing automation platform.

Lead.com is for large senders who have grown out of small business tools, but are turned off by the tradeoffs involved with switching to marketing clouds.

While they are built to handle scale (like Lead.com), they are difficult to use, have notoriously bad support, and their products evolve slowly (unlike Lead.com).

We spent the last five years building a great Email Marketing platform for SMB’s called Robly. We watched a bunch of great tools come out over that period, but they were all built for people who were just getting started. We knew from our experience that big senders need a totally different product, so we built Lead.com. For more about us and what we believe, click here.

Lead.com is designed to handle the scale and complexities faced by large senders, without sacrificing ease-of-use. Our product evolves quickly to meet the ever changing needs of the most powerful digital marketers in the world. We’re focused on innovation in deliverability, interactivity, connectivity/integrations, and our API. Our mission is to increase engagement for large scale senders.

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If your business is growing quickly enough and you are referred by one of our ambassadors, we will let you on the platform even if you send less than 100K per month. At a high growth rate, you will hit 100K sends per month sometime very soon. If you are not growing quickly, Lead.com is not for you.

Lead.com only takes customers by referral by one of our ambassadors.

Demand for Lead.com has been much higher than we anticipated and continues to increase. We believe that preserving our culture is more important than near-term revenue growth. If we opened our product up to all inbound inquiry, we would have to grow our headcount more rapidly than we are comfortable with.

We have no plans to change our policy and accept inbound inquiry. We are very happy with the pace at which we are growing, and see no reason to change it.

Ask around. It won’t be too hard to find someone who is an ambassador.

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We have different levels of migration packages from any platform, free and paid, depending on the complexity of the migration. If we let you on the platform, we will handle your entire migration.

Yes, we have integrations with all of the most popular apps. In most cases we can build custom integrations (for a fee).

Having the best customer support in the industry is in our DNA. We have 24/7 coverage, instant response, four different channels, and a robust self-serve portal.

Yes, we have a blog with lots of great content, and a podcast called “The Unattainable” where we profile the most powerful digital marketers in the world.

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Yes. It’s application only. You must qualify to be a brand ambassador.

If we accept a customer referred by an ambassador, the ambassador gets a 20% residual on revenues for the entire time the customer is with Lead.com.

We look for alignment between your brand and ours and assess whether we believe you will bring us the right type of referral customer to Lead.com through your network.

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